New rice is available!

New rice is available!

Our 2012 crop of hayayuki short-grain japonica rice is available now for general sale. Please contact the farm for more information. We offer 1.5 lb cloth bags, and larger bags of five, ten, twenty, and fifty pounds are also available.

About Vermont Rice

Farmer, baker, tinkerer, linguist, writer.
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4 Responses to New rice is available!

  1. Kelsey Adams says:

    What a wonderful bag design! Looks just like a japanese woodblock print, which I’m sure was the intention.

  2. Sennin Zumdick-Esko says:

    I’m Sennin, from the Kushi Institute In Massachusetts,
    I would like to inquire about your rice, We currently have Lundberg short-grain brown rice, however we would like to know if you have Organic short-grain brown rice and paddy rice for sale. If so, what the maximum quantity you would be willing to sell and the overall price would be,

  3. Kileh Friedman says:

    Is your rice still available to buy. I got some as a Xmas present and it was like nothing I ever had before. We loved it. Please advise. Thanks

  4. Doug Ashby says:

    Wondering if you will ship a 1.5 pound bag to me in Auburn Mass. I would love to try it? Rice is the missing grain in New England. Best of luck.
    Thanks, Doug.
    I will be happy to share recipes I use the rice for.

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